Metropolis (1927)

What's the most uncomfortable you've felt for two hours straight? Was it when you were 14 and your cousin put on The 40 Year Old Virgin with you and your parents? Well, yes probably, but if you've ever watched Metropolis that might also be up there.

Here's a TL;DW for Metropolis. Play 10 seconds of this Russian music video.

So now image that level of confusion and discomfort with a great plot and you've got Metropolis. It felt like a sci-fi Grimm's Fairy Tale written in 1927 about 2026.

And while it had this totally unique and beautiful look to it—


—it also made me super uncomfortable. I think it was something about the way the actors moved.


I do think one of the most impressive things about this film was its sets. They're incredible.


And they did some cool things with cross-fading shots. I'm not sure how that would have been done in 1927, which makes it all the more impressive.


But the aspect that stood out most was the talent of the lead actress, Brigitte Helm, who played two separate characters: the savior and the evil machine.


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