Nosferatu (1922)

While I left The Birth of a Nation worrying the next few films may be just as uninteresting and difficult to follow, Nosferatu was surprisingly one of the most fun movies I've seen. Plus it was featured in Spongebob that one time so you know gold stars all around.

My favorite thing about Nosferatu was it's eerie depiction of Dracula, or in this case, "Count Orlok." All the vampire movies we see now have them chasing after villagers, terrorizing towns, and attacking in the night. But Count Orlok was barely more than an animated corpse. The way he moved was slow and rigid, not because he was stalking his prey but because that's just how he existed.


Just look how he rises when his coffin is discovered stowed away on a ship.


He also totally keeps his cool when he's shown this picture of his guest's wife.


From Count Orlok's make up to the film's stark lighting, Nosferatu's unique stylization and take on Dracula made it both beautiful to watch and a whole lot of fun. Also here's his cameo in Spongebob because who doesn't need to see that again.

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