Dracula (1931)

Ever wonder what a Dracula-Liberace hybrid would be like? Spoiler alert the answer is Bela Lugosi playing Dracula in 1931. Throughout the entire movie he's completely over-the-top, like magician giving it 100% at a kids birthday party.

One of the coolest things about this movie was seeing all the classic Dracula characteristics and moment for the first time, before they actually were classics. Starting with the Transylvanian accent, it all came from this film and Bela Lugosi.


One classic moment example originating with this film is is the classic image we have of Dracula hiding behind his cape.


Or the classic greeting scene between Dracula and Jonathan Harker. Just listen to that accent. 

While the film was a little goofy, it was fun to see the the inception of all the best Dracula moments.


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