Frankenstein (1931)

In 2007 I saw Rob Zombie's Halloween reboot with a few friends. Half way through my buddy said he was going to the bathroom. He never came back. He snuck into Hairspray instead. 

We followed him shortly after.

As we experienced when seeing Halloween, it feels like the goal of modern horror films isn't necessarily to have a good story but to scare the absolute shit out of you. Frankenstein, on the other hand—while scary for its time—has a man come on screen to warn they audience they "may be horrified".

As for the scary monster himself, well, have you ever wondered why he's dumb and evil instead a normal-intelligence revived person? Turns out, Fritz (AKA Igor) really jacked up the brain situation. After he drops the "Normal Brain", this happens:


But, just like with Dracula, the most fun part of this movie was seeing all of the original Frankenstein moments back when they were original.


However, I was completely surprised when, after the villagers burn his windmill he's in, he goes on to become an academic and live a normal life:


Just kidding. He burned up real good. That's Boris Karloff smoking a drinking tea between shots.

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