The Caine Mutiny (1954)

In a recent interview, Vince Gilligan spoke about how (spoiler alert) Better Call Saul has taken a lot of inspiration from The Caine Mutiny in the form of Chuck. He's excellent at seeming like a well-mannered, together guy. We know from episode 1 that's not the true. He's mentally unstable. 

In  a recent episode of Better Call Saul (more spoilers — season 3), Saul needs Chuck to demonstrate to the courtroom that he is unwell. Chuck's paranoid and kind of crazy. So Saul pushes Chuck until he loses self-control and then realizes he's shown his cards.

In The Caine Mutiny, a naval ship must mutiny their captain when his paranoia and instability put the lives of the crew at risk. The crew must then push Captain Queeg to revel his mental instability in the courtroom.

Vince Gilligan stated that, in particular, this courtroom scene was a direct inspiration for Chuck's recent breakdown, from the story to filming.

The Caien Mutiny courtroom scene:

Better Call Saul season 3 courtroom scene.

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