Kronos (1957)

Kronos isn't the most well-known film. It's really just another cheesy sci-fi movie from the 50s. But hey does its title sound familiar? It's Syndrome's password in The Incredibles!

In The Incredibles, they made a big deal about that being the password. Mr. Incredible finds a cavern where a defeated super had lasered "KRONOS" into the walls. Then there's this scene where they linger on Mr. Incredible for a few seconds as he types it in.

I remember when this movie came out Googling what "Kronos" meant and finding out its from an old sci-fi movie where a huge robot that looks similar to the one in The Incredibles comes from space to feed off Earth's energy.

The robots look sort of similar. Dome top. Big legs.


While the robot in The Incredibles gets stronger by learning each time it defeats a super, the robot in Kronos gets stronger by feeding off energy.

Mostly I watched this film to see why Kronos was an important reference for Pixar to throw in The Incredibles. While Koronos wasn't great, it had that "classic" feel to it that you get from watching The Incredibles.

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