The Seventh Seal (1957)

The Seventh Seal is a French New Wave film where a knight plays chess against death on a beach. Death looks creepy AF.


They agree that as long as the game continues, the knight gets to live. And if the knight wins, he lives. Death agrees. But the game doesn't last the one scene—they take a break while the knight wanders through the woods, returning from the crusades and picking up friends and followers.


The plot doesn't have too compelling a story, but =exists so the characters can discuss death. The French New Wave introduced the idea of the artistic film, instead of just looking at movie making like a factory churning out product.

In the end, the knight loses and death takes him and his friends, leading to this famous shot of the group skipping away with death. Oh and none of those are the actors. They all went home for the day, and when the director saw those cool clouds in the background he send a bunch of his cameramen to run up the hill to grab this shot.


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