Rope (1948)

Rope's the story of two guys, one who can handle his shit and one who cannot. It starts off with them having just murdered their buddy for sport. Over the next hour and a half their dinner guests arrive while they serve appetizers off the trunk in which the body is hidden. One of the guys plays it cool and enjoys the thrill of it. The other one just can't pull his shit together.


What's great about this film is how the two guys interact with their guests throughout the evening. Brandon's calm, suave, and drops murder puns all night. Because why not do that. Just look how hype he is about having choked someone out.

Meanwhile Phillip is so nervous he snaps his martini glass in half.


And Brandon knows Phillip isn't holding it together.


But the most interesting parts were the group conversations, watching Brandon's arrogant confidence while Phillip became more and more unhinged.


The whole film took place in real time in one apartment. It was fun watching these two chatacters devolve throughout the evening.


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