The Third Man (1949)

For all of its beautifully bonkers noir shorts, The Third Man constantly had this Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque music playing in the background. You've probably heard it before, The Harry Lime theme. It perfectly added to the hijinks of the whole thing.

The Third Man had three things that stood out about its visuals: crooked angles, stark lighting, and perfect framing. Listen to The Harry Lime theme while checking out some of the films great shots below.

The first thing I noticed about The Third Man was the strange angles it used for many of its shots.


While that was a fun effect, which really suited the music, what I enjoyed even more was they way in which they played with lighting. They had a lot of stark lighting and cool noir-style silhouettes.


Then there were just perfect shots. For example, this whole stunning ferris wheel sequence.


But there's two particular bits that stood out to me. The first took place during a chase sequence, when Harry Lime—played by Orson Welles—realizes he's been cornered at the end of a tunnel.


And the second is the final shot of the film. It plays out for about a minute white the actress in the background walks all the way to the foreground and past the camera, all while Martins just hangs out there on the left.


The last thing I want to share from this movie is a clip of Orson Wells. While his performance is great the entire movie, the way he says "the cuckoo clock" at the end of this clip is so much fun.

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