8½ (1963)

If you liked Charlie Kaufman's Adaptation you'll probably like 8½. It's an Italian film about making a film. The whole thing's very meta.

For example, at one point in the movie, the director character approaches a priest and tells him he's making a film. He tells him he'll be wiring a scene where the protagonist goes to a priest for advice, so he's wondering if the priest has any advice for him.

There's also a ton of scenes that are purely symbolic. Like this one where the protagonist starts floating away.


But the issue with this is that due to the number of these scenes, it gets a bit confusing. That is until a character tells the director/protagonist that his film can be confusing in its attempt to show the protagonist's inner confusion, but you have to make this point clear. Which the actual director does with this conversation.

There's even a point where the main character is describing his film to his mistress and he tells her it will have everything, even a dancing sailor. This is immediately followed up with him asking a sailor to demonstrate this for his girlfriend.

The film literally ends with every character we've come in contact with dancing away, and then a performing troupe shutting down the lights.


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