Goldfinger (1964)

This is the third James Bond film I've watched in 2 weeks and I'm running out of 007 film analysis so I'm going to BuzzFeed this post Here's the best bits from Goldfinger, which was my favorite Bond up to this point.

1. This classic intro doesn't get old.


2. For the intro sequence they projected video onto golden bodies. It looked pretty slick.


3. Goldfinger kills a woman by covering her in gold. The SCIENCE behind this was that her skin couldn't breath so she DIED. Cannot confirm accuracy. Look at this shit it's crazy.


4. Oddjob crushed a fuckin golfball with his bare hands.


5. This woman. Look at her go. Also she had a Russian accent so I feel like that added to the whole situation.


6. It had the famous scene of James Bond getting his crotch lasered.


7. It introduced this swanky gal named Pussy Galore.


8. I just feel like this is a great shot of Bond. Look at that shit-eating grin.


9. Goldfinger's plan was to break into Fort Knox. Mostly I just wanted to share shit shot of him.


10. Bond kills Oddjob by electifying some bars while Oddjob removes his metal-rimmed hat from them, which leads to this amazing sequence.


11. And the bomb gets stopped with this much time left because of course it does.


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