Welcome to You Gotta Watch! After 51 episodes, Tyler and I have ended this project due to time constraints. 

But don't worry! Tyler has a new podcast called Not-stalgia where each week he shows Katie something he is nostalgic about (90s Nickelodeon, Super Nintendo, etc.) and she decides if it holds up or not. It's super entertaining and you should check it out.

I'm still going through the movie list, and you can find my favorites here, which I'll continue to update as I go. Other than that from this point on everything on this website is mostly a time capsule. Thanks for listening!


How many times have you been told “you gotta watch” some movie? And while it seemed interesting, you still haven’t gotten around to watching it. I’ll tell you how many times that’s happened to me. 600.

I'm Michael Carafa and from Citizen Kaneto Blade RunnerI’m watching them all, plus a few classics worth re-watching. Each week I sit down with Tyler Mertens to discuss why and whether or not you actually "gotta watch" these movies.

So subscribe to our podcast and pick up your remote, Tyler and I have got you covered.